Snow Guard Installation

Roofing contractors furnishing installation of snow guards and snow fences used to retain snow and ice on the roof in order to prevent snowslides from damaging roof and gutter systems and persons and property below. Snow guards are individual metal dogs laid up into shingle systems or attached directly to metal roof systems and protruding into the snow pack. Snow fences are posts securely attached to the roof often bearing common galvanized steel pipe to hold back the weight of the snow.

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Native Woods Restoration Carpentry
c. 1880 Queen Anne Restoration, Chester County, PA
Phoenixville, PA 19460
Meticulous exterior restoration of brick, stone, stucco, woodwork, and roofing
John Stortz and Son, Inc.
Tower Clock Dormer Flashing
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Replace Copper Flashing in Slate Field Without Removing Slate.
Joseph Jenkins, Inc
Museum of the City of New York
Grove City, PA 16127
Museum of the City of New York Slate Roof Survey and Report

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