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Award-Winning Forged Tree Gate with Quick-Release Footings

Fine Architectural Metalsmiths was awarded a national gold honors title for this forged double maple sculpture which opens to become a garden gate. The annual competition is judged by a jury of peers with over 800 members nationwide. The peer-judged competition names the winners as the best of the best in the field, and FAM’s sculptural gate won the top national honors in the category of exterior gates, which is a highly competitive field. Two forged maple trees form a hidden pedestrian gate into a private garden in this sculpted piece. Gate posts were forged as maple tree trunks with internal armature supports, and precision-built in two halves, so that the tree trunk splits in two when the gate opens. Branches were forged-tapered, and the maple leaves were veined and dimpled. A dragonfly latch was forged and set at an angle for maximum visibility. The layered patina finish creates tonal changes with the daylight. But the real story of FAM’s gate is below ground. At the owner's request, the full gate, plus two side panels, have to be removable to allow for occasional backhoe access to the private gardens. Below-ground stainless steel fittings are mounted on massive footings for quick removal, and the side panels also release quickly from the adjacent stationary fence line posts. The sculpted garden gate transforms into an eight-foot construction entrance.

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